Saturday 21 February 2015

Many rivers to cross, but I'm not going on the ferry.

Before the round wheel was invented, did the square wheel have a brief period in vogue? Probably not, but it is surprising how well a square shape 'rolls'.

Probably better than a round one, when its rolling up a 6ft wall, along a passageway, up another 4ft wall, across a garden, over another wall and back along another garden. A good job really, when you come to install a project and you realise the planned access is just too tight. "Never mind", said Richard, "just remember when we built Stonehenge." Leverage, man. Leverage!

In with Wendy's new doors.

I've been doing a bit more 3-d carving recently with this lion corbel

and this flower.

I haven't been able to use my pole lathe since last winter because it has been buried under loads of other equipment while replacing the roof last summer. Someone asked me to make some cupboard handles last week, so I have been excavating down to the level of the lathe with eagerness this week.

I definitely need to invest in some more turning tools; a 2" gouge and skew are just not sufficient. I reckon I will just about make the handles though.

I went to Dartmouth yesterday, provisionally to take around some business cards, but also to eyeball some of the great buildings there.

Whoever carved this horse, must have been a bit keen, maybe they sold the spare ones to a merchant round the corner.

I live way up stream from here, but as the name suggests this is where the Dart heads out to open waters.

I've been trying to come up with a new logo for the furniture, with a view to having separate websites for that and another for the other stuff I do. I'm not sure people who want a door or a window made have any interest in the carved stuff.

Does this work? Can you even see JBF - Jon Bayes Furniture?