Friday 5 May 2017

Name the tools

Bethany, my 7 year old, came down to the workshop the other day. She has the addiction of making stuff with her hands. I go into the kitchen to make breakfast and there she is, weaving a braid with her lucet or her knitting nancy, moulding plasticine whatevers, fashioning doll's apparel from cardboard.
I have been holding off teaching her the finer points of wood bothering, even though she has had her own child's carpenter's tool kit for  a couple of years.

It's interesting, because I realised I had to start completely from scratch. I also realized that detailed instruction is not something that happens on this blog (maybe that is done adequately elsewhere), but for gad's sake if you want to know something, just ask (genuine enquiries only please). Although she kind of already lives and breathes joinery (cos it's all I ever talk about, not) things need to be clarified and understood (she is a Virgo like me). Amazing really that she is so keen. "This is a planing stop", "We rive the wood because it gives more stable stock", "Watch carefully which way the grain runs so as not to plane against it"...

We have a new game, when dad is uploading photos, can Bethany name all the tools and their parts, what is each's purpose, etc.

So far 10/10.