Friday 30 December 2022

Totnes strapwork. St Mary's cherub sketch carving

The time has come to pay the pew carvings at St. Mary's church Totnes, some long overdue attention. I often drop in there and gaze at them. In a way they are like old friends. I have a mind to make a piece of furniture using the 'corbel' figure carvings and strapwork panels as inspiration.

I am starting with sketch carving the figures, to get a feel for how they fit together. First up, the largest.

The original in the church has a much narrower face. In my mind, too narrow; maybe it was not even supposed to be a cherub. I may have gone too far with that; I might make the final piece a bit narrower.

 It could also do with cheering up! Are cherubs supposed to be happy?

Happy New Cherub!

Saturday 24 December 2022

Flowers blooming in the deep midwinter.

 Even in the depths of winter, flowers bloom in south Devon.

And some Devon strapwork too.

A solstice walk, for some winter sun,

up to ten commandments rock on Dartmoor. Few folk up there,how I like it. Just a few crows, a raven and some ponies.