Wednesday 4 July 2018


So, the installation of the noticeboard corresponded, with a week of hot days. There could really not be a more pleasant site, overlooking the Deer Park, fields and woodland on Dartington Hall estate.

The noticeboard is going adjacent to these lovely gates, made by my friend Jeremy of

The noticeboard is based upon Dartington Church lych gate. However, unlike the lych gate there are no supporting banks to the side. So we are going for a double-whammy of earthfast or concretefast post and feet morticed into the posts. It's larch so the posts and bottom of the feet have been charred to help prevent rot.

It's erection day.

The accomodation is compact and bijou, but then it is a noticeboard!

As the last cedar shingle was nailed to the roof, these oak leaves landed on the ridge. That's what I call a topping-out ceremony!