Sunday 24 May 2015

A piece of Totnes off to Thailand?

Driving through Totnes yesterday, I passed a sign "Garage Sale". I turned round and went back.

This\was covered up with a blanket, displaying things on top. Is it for sale? Sorry, I am emigrating to Thailand and taking Granny's hall chest with me. Unusually for me, I like its lack of decoration.

Sawn timber. Original wire hinges, replaced with straps. Till with missing lid. Panel grooves running out top of stiles. Lack of decoration. I would hazard a guess at original 17th century chest.

The chap was a bit worried about it coping with the Thailand climate. I reckon it has survived 350 years of the Devon climate, so it deserves a holiday. Shame it is going though.

I was on my way to Brixham, to check out the non-existent craft market, but I stumbled across the museum, which has a room devoted to shipbuilding (it being a fishing port).

Some slicks.

A large screwdown holdfast, a brace just like mine, and possibly the shortest chisel in the world.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Someone making a window

I just found this video again.

There and back to see how far it is

It was off for my first ever visit to the Bodgers' Ball in Walesby Forest, last week. It was in at the deep end, with a talk about joined furniture. I received some interesting feedback from the audience! Some hyper-critical ("shame you used a circular saw to cut those joints" guffaw) ("that Peter Follansbee, he just apes the way it was really made", what does that make me, a marmoset?), and some really positive ("seeing you have done it, inspires me to have a go"), ("I never thought I could, but now I definitely will"). I can't abide woodworking snobbery, so it's the second category I am mostly taking mind of.

I met some very interesting people and finally joined the settle.

Just in time, for these two gentlemen from the U.S. to rest their weary feet.

I had to leave on Sunday morning, to go see my mother near Scarborough, she had a fall a few weeks ago. So with eight strong bodgers, we lifted the settle back in the van, and I slept on her on Saturday night.

After an 800 mile round trip, the settle and I arrived back in Devon. No bodgers to help this time, just balance and my old trolley.

Now then, bonnie lass!