Sunday 24 May 2015

A piece of Totnes off to Thailand?

Driving through Totnes yesterday, I passed a sign "Garage Sale". I turned round and went back.

This\was covered up with a blanket, displaying things on top. Is it for sale? Sorry, I am emigrating to Thailand and taking Granny's hall chest with me. Unusually for me, I like its lack of decoration.

Sawn timber. Original wire hinges, replaced with straps. Till with missing lid. Panel grooves running out top of stiles. Lack of decoration. I would hazard a guess at original 17th century chest.

The chap was a bit worried about it coping with the Thailand climate. I reckon it has survived 350 years of the Devon climate, so it deserves a holiday. Shame it is going though.

I was on my way to Brixham, to check out the non-existent craft market, but I stumbled across the museum, which has a room devoted to shipbuilding (it being a fishing port).

Some slicks.

A large screwdown holdfast, a brace just like mine, and possibly the shortest chisel in the world.


  1. That screw-down holdfast looks a bit too powerful for the stem! Looks to be a bend in it.

  2. It does make me wonder why the switch to a screwdown holdfast happened. The bend also suggests that the stem is forced against the opposite side of the bench hole to a tap done holdfast. I will have to dig out my screwdown, which I haven't used for a long while, and compare the two. Happy nerdy holdfast days.


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