Wednesday, 17 June 2015

It augers well.

I coiled this old rope last Autumn, and hung it on the wall. I had been working on the bench below for several days, when I looked up and behold!

Five wren chicks. Two days later, they fledged and were gone. My pole lathe was a staging post.

Some modern joinery, produced in a workshop which may contain power tools, quarter-sawn Douglas Fir.

Painted with Farrow and Ball, cooking apple oil-based paint (didn't smell like apples and not easy to get on the wood).

 And the other kind. Sharpening my crosscut to trim this big spruce slab for my new workbench.

A makeshift handle for this auger, to rough out out the mortices to take the leg tenons.

 I like that the new bench's first job is as a tool rest to make itself.

Spanish windlass to pull the legs tight before pegging.

With the new bench hook fine tuned and fitted.

And the wedge stop from my old bench.

We are all good to go to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum Wood Show this coming Solstice weekend. Allez allez allez!


  1. Dimensions on that spruce slab?

  2. Hey Jon!

    Where'd you get the hook? Wouldn't mind one, my wooden round ones made square are unreliable (as one might expect!)

    Have fun @ W&D

    Richard Law


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