Saturday 29 October 2022

Timber frame porch part 2

Installation day for Michelle and Nick's porch/woodstore. Somewhere to hang coats and boots and keep dry while fetching firewood.


The genie works it's magic, with a little help from the firstborn, Arthur.

On with the battens.

Some cedar shingles and lead soakers.

Some cladding on the prevailing end. Some boarding next to the door to put some coat hooks. Rainwater goods re-installed.

Simple, but well made, and happy customers.

Saturday 22 October 2022

Timber frame porch

A slight change of scale this week. Timber framing. Giant joined furniture. Less carving.

Bigger timber, bigger tools, bigger workshop and not wooden pegs, but treenails!


Sunday 9 October 2022

Cockatrice drawer

It is necessary to groove the sides of the drawer before assembly. These grooves hang on the runners which have already been nailed in.

Some more grooves to fit the sides and bottom boards into the front and nailed straight through the front.

Bottom boards grooved and chamfered to fit into each other and the drawer front.

Pushed into the front and nailed up into the back and sides.

Trim off the ends. Look at that vertical grain. Beautiful boards; far too good for the bottom of a drawer, but that's what's to hand, and hey the cockatrices deserve it.

Lo, the cockatrices have their drawer.

Engaged on the runner.

Tiger stripe drawer boards.

Not really sure why he is being held by a lion on a shield, but hey ho, such is the life of a Green Man/Horned Pan-type gentleman some days.

Sunday 2 October 2022

Livery cupboard assembly

So assembly of the livery cupboard can begin. There are a lot of small elements which can't be finalised until this stage. Wide boards to plane for the three different levels.

Mouldings to run and chop. Backgrounds to remove and punch.


There are mortice and tenons to drill and drawbore.

And more nails than you would expect.

There's a fair way to go yet. I had to start riving again, for the framing for the canted cupboard itself. Until the framing for the top deck was assembled, I wasn't sure exactly where the front of the cupboard would come to.

With all the oak we use, I reckon it's good to put something back. So we're in overdrive collecting and planting acorns. I won't be around to harvest them when they are grown, but the grandchildren might.