Sunday 9 October 2022

Cockatrice drawer

It is necessary to groove the sides of the drawer before assembly. These grooves hang on the runners which have already been nailed in.

Some more grooves to fit the sides and bottom boards into the front and nailed straight through the front.

Bottom boards grooved and chamfered to fit into each other and the drawer front.

Pushed into the front and nailed up into the back and sides.

Trim off the ends. Look at that vertical grain. Beautiful boards; far too good for the bottom of a drawer, but that's what's to hand, and hey the cockatrices deserve it.

Lo, the cockatrices have their drawer.

Engaged on the runner.

Tiger stripe drawer boards.

Not really sure why he is being held by a lion on a shield, but hey ho, such is the life of a Green Man/Horned Pan-type gentleman some days.


  1. I enjoy your posts. What century is the livery cupboard based on and what area of England was it most prominent? Really like the mitred drawer front.

  2. It's a re-make of a Tudor cupboard, so end of the fifteenth, beginning of the sixteenth. Sometime between 1485 and 1558. Made in Exeter for an Exeter merchant, probably. The drawer front will have a mitred moulding also.


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