Tuesday 20 February 2018

Panning for gold

Dartmeet is the point where the East and West Dart meet, before continuing as one through south Dartmoor and onwards to the sea. Most of the bowls and furniture I make, is made from trees that grow within a few miles of the middle stretches of the Dart. Between the high moorland, where ravens glide, and the lower tidal stretches, where salty water daily mixes with the peaty torrent from upstream. The bowls are of the Dart, so Dartmeet seemed like a good place for a photo session.

Crow. Oak. Boiled with Iron. 550Lx250Wx100H

American Black Walnut (from Dartington Estate). 370x200x48

Ash. 320x190x65

Cherry. Dartington Estate. 450x190x100

Oak. The first Dragon Bowl I made. Pre-bowl gouges. Six years ago! 820x90x240

Ash. 520x200x125

Cherry. Dartington Estate. 450x185x80

Ash. Sleepy Hollow. 630x275x200

Ash. Sleepy Hollow. 600x190x130

Sycamore. Ladle. Scoop. Totnes. Just outside the old town wall. 100 yds from where the seaward Dart meets the tidal Dart.

Oak. Dragon Bowl. Huxhams Cross. 1340x260x320

Cherry. Dartington Estate. 350x250x80

Oak and Bronze. Sleepy Hollow. 730x450x145. This last one is why I was asked, by a passerby, "Are you panning for gold?" .........