Monday 11 November 2013

Freestyle v-gouge

There has been a bit of a break from the carving on this chest. I jumped the gun and carved the front panels several weeks ago now, but then realised that several framing members which I had prepared earlier had worm in them. New stiles knocked up. Rewind.

Back to the point where I can start carving again. The top rail on the photos I took of the Dennis chest seem to have no layout showing. I am assuming that the carver must have at least laid out the centres for the flower stems at equal distances along the rail with compasses.

Then chopped with a gouge the flower centres and intermediate circles. The rest appears to be freehand with the v-gouge.

I am roughing out the freestyle bits with chalk until I get used to this pattern.

Pattern outlined and background removed.

Background will need matting, chamfers and some punch work still to do tomorrow. 

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