Friday 31 January 2014

Many rivers to cross

Just to prove that I make 'ordinary' joinery; here's a window I made today for the Moguls' Palace.

It was reasonably dry inside the workshop, but when I came out to deliver the window, the already swollen fields can take no more rain.

My car parking space would be better suited to a boat!

This is one of the reasons for the name Rivers Joinery; because when it rains, rivers flow everywhere.

Many rivers to cross, in their channels, out of their channels and even roads that have become rivers. That's South Devon, very wet. But consequently, when the time comes, very green!

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  1. Uh, and I thought that we had a lot rain at my place in Denmark. But as you say the an advantage of a lot of rain is the nice green pastures in the summer.

    Lets hope for a nice dry spring.



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