Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nothing if not Thoreau

I just took one of those quizzes to see which classic author I was. I got Henry David Thoreau.

Today I have been trimming the excess off the chest's stiles.

I used this Disston saw to do so. This was the bargain of the century. I got it for the knock-down price of absolutely nothing. It was thrown on the floor at the end of a boot sale with a 'Free please help yourself' sign by it.

I opted not to use a moulding plane for the edge of the lid, because of the meandering grain, so I simply rounded over the top edges round front and sides and removed the arris from the underside. Then I fitted the wire hinges.

And the chest has a fitted lid.

I am still waiting for authentic nails, but have been waiting too long now. So today I contacted another blacksmith, Justin Fletcher, and he will have them ready for me tomorrow. That's service.

Meanwhile, on with the settle. I have already riven all the rails. I need some back stiles which have a bend 18 inches from the bottom to give a cant to the back. I am hoping this log is going to give me some billets to make these out of.

On the way to the workshop today, there was some real, actual sun on the Dart.

Which Jessie can vouch for!

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