Friday 28 March 2014

Standing on the shoulders of giants

So here are the results. We had a panel 8 3/8" 213mm of medullary riven oak that had been air drying for 9 months, then drowned in water for two weeks.

And it had swelled massively to....

..... 213.5mm.

I'd call that quite stable.

Talking of stables, we went and picked up this mule manure last week. Its good **** man! Good for Velwell Orchard.! Though not the best time your trailer's tipping function to be taking a holiday.

Talking of workshops, in  ours we have a small chest standing on a giant chest.

Standing behind a behemoth settle rear wall.

I have been applying the beeswax finish I made to the big boy and also to the wee one, which had previously had linseed oil.

I picked up some softwood t and g for this weeks job the other day, and thought I'd take the opportunity to customise my roof rack. Ooooops!

Yesterday, with the first real snow we have had all winter, was four seasons in one day, today was four ledge and brace doors in one day! Which makes twelve softwood doors in one week. Add the beginnings of Tony's garage doors in European oak and that makes fourteen. Who needs a day off?

And here's a lurcher.

And the reservoir where my drinking water is stored.

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  1. I think these snippet postings are becoming very popular - and I enjoy them!


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