Thursday, 17 April 2014

Doors installed

Its been quite an adventure into the world of machines with Tony's doors. I bought a thicknesser planer and set up a router table to process all of the regularized kiln-dried prime oak, and bought a Trend tongue and groove cutter for the router with which I am very impressed. I couldn't quite stretch to a chisel morticer, so it was business as usual hand chopping of mortices in that part of the making.

I like the finish that the planer gives even on awkward grain, but largely I find using machines tedious, noisy, dusty etc. - give me a jointer and a plough plane any day. Machines are handy to speed things up sometimes, but so much is lost, mistakes are easier to make and harder to rectify. Still the customer, and I are very pleased with the result.

Luckily I have just received news that some customers want an oak settle different to the one underway already!

So lots more hand tool use and green oak shenanigans coming soon.

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  1. Mighty doors! Watch your fingers on those machines - worse than bloody saws I hear.


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