Saturday 31 May 2014

I'll settle for that

I'm back from the trip up north. I didn't make it to Star Carr. It was the first time I have ever relied on a Satnav and it will be the last. Although I didn't mind too much being misdirected down the Fosse Way - so that's where Westonbirt Arboretum is! It did add 3 hours to our journey.

I planted up a space outside the workshop, a few weeks ago to add some cheer. On my return I noticed something had been chewing on my Hosta. I investigated by turning over the oak-chip mulch (great for suppressing weeds and creating ideal conditions for slugs!)

But no slugs, a common lizard instead. I hadn't intended to create a lizard house. Its a bit of a misleading name, they can't be that common. I haven't seen one for ten years. He/she is welcome to eat all of my hostas if he/she wants!

When I first read Peter Follansbee's blog about making joined furniture, his post encouraged the reader to "try green oak joinery, it'll make an addict of you". He was right! But 6pm on a Saturday even an addict has to go home.


  1. I don't know they must be a bit common - I accidentally ran one over on my bike this Spring. I was rather annoyed with myself - it the first one I'd seen for about 50 years!

  2. .

    They are common enough at the right time of year. I turfed one out of our house last week.......

    If he was in your Hostas, he was probably dining on the slugs and snails.

    All best from Wales


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