Saturday 10 January 2015

Deep in the woods

I've had a few mishaps over the end of the year. I scratched my cornea while machining some timber a few days before Christmas. My small chainsaw gave up the ghost the next day. Then on Christmas Eve my car died. A clear message to take it easy, stop work and eat food. I obeyed.

However, that means I now have a few pounds to lose (from my waistline) and a few pounds to gain (to pay for a new car). I have been in the workshop working on a glazed stable door and some french doors for Wendy all week. I had planned to have them installed and be out in the woods by the start of this week, but hey ho.

So it was with a happy heart, and fortunately wet weather gear that I headed to Hillyfield for a Timber Extraction course this Saturday morning.

Mike Gardener of Woodmanship shared his experience with us, talking about felling for easiest extraction, use of winches etc. Nothing wholly new to me, but there's always something new to learn, especially from a full-time forester. And when the driving rain stopped, and sun came out, Dartmoor could be seen, a fine day to be in forest.

A hearty soup was enjoyed by all and then we spent the afternoon with Will, and William the horse.

William is an Ardennes, one of about 50 in the UK and bred for forestry. 15.2 hands, legs as thick as the tree trunks he pulls and rather keen.

This horse loves to work.

Maybe the time has come to not buy another car, stick to hand tools exclusively and get a horse instead. Where's ma horse?

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  1. Looks a lot easier than hand extraction, which unfortunately is my method.


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