Saturday 2 September 2017

Stock Gaylard Oak Fair

Last weekend was Stock Gaylard Oak Fair in Dorset. We bought a new gazebo in case it rained, but we were glad of the shade, because it was hot! Sorry for not keeping up the usual constant woodworking demonstrations everybody. I am sure there was enjoyment to be had in the sitting down (and breaking) camping chairs demos instead.

Helen from the Grain Gallery liked the oak bowls. They will be exhibited at the Grain Gallery for 3 months, starting straight after Devon Open Studios 9-25th September. Off to Dorset once more oak bowls! From Huxhams Cross to Sherborne and who knows where else.


  1. Lovely work.
    That bench must a beast to move around!

  2. Thanks. It's actually not too bad, practically throws itself in the van.


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