Saturday 13 April 2019

A little gem

While working at a customer's house recently, I noticed this chest.

It's not grand, it's not overly carved or decorated, but it's oozing 17th century. I love it.

S-scroll top front rail. Simply moulded, simple gouge and cross stamp stiles, bottom rail and muntins.

Snipe bill hinges. Slots where once was a till.

Evidence of  'up one stile and down the other' ploughing.

Tongue and grooved floor boards, back to front, scrub planed to fit into groove in bottom front rail, nailed up to bottom back rail.

Roughly hewn backs to rear panels, which would have faced the wall, so who cares!

A classic English joined chest from pit-sawn oak. Circa 350 years plus old. Beautiful in it's simplicity!

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