Thursday 5 September 2019

Hillyfield Framing

My friend Doug King-Smith runs a forestry regeneration and environmental conservation project a few miles down the road from here. It's a really great place, and after many struggles with planning they have gained permission to build three barns.

I dropped in for a couple of days, back in July, to help with the raising, supervised by the magnificent Master Henry Russell. The bents were lifted with the aid of this A-frame and willing workers pulling on the rope.

This barn is going to be the wood-drying barn. The construction is roundpole with flitch plates; making use of the larch which had to be felled because of Phytophthora.
The next barn is going to be constructed on a course run by Henry Russell, one starting on Monday the 9th, and one the next Monday. This will be more traditional framing, using English Scribe rule and incorporating lots of lovely scarfing, mortice and tenons and sling braces. So, if you want to learn from a great repository of knowledge  see the course details here:

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