Wednesday 1 January 2020

A long post

Rivers Joinery have been so busy this last year, that I haven't had chance to post much. Here's a few things that have been happening. Standing bowl.

Georgian door.

Larch bench. Drawbored and fox wedged.

Some beetles in the firewood pile. Longhorn Tanbark and Lesser stag.

An oak window.

Some new bargeboards.

In memoriam to a late wood turner. From his left over yew.

Nobody knows why this beam is here, but as it is, it needs repairing and improved support.

At home, we've planted fruit trees. As a maiden tree, one of the apples produced just one very special fruit. Here's the ceremonial picking ceremony.

 A bit more whittling.

An oak porch.

A little bit of division (just in case you thought I'd given up on riving).

Some relief carving.

Some uplighter carving. In lime.

As we pass from one year to the next, from one decade to another. From a year when big issues have divided my country, and indeed the wider world. With a little bit of riving and a big lot of joining, maybe it's worth thinking that we have a lot more in common than those things that divide us. Happy New Year. Onwards to the other side.


  1. Just came across your blog; your variety and talent makes this very interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for posting, you do amazing work.


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