Wednesday 11 March 2020

"Put't wood in't hole"

What I love about the general joinery side of my work, is finding fragments of the past in the buildings that I work on. When installing new window, doors and staircases that we have made, we find packing made from old neswpapers.

This one relates to a story from 1978, when a section of the Chesterfield canal was accidentally drained when workmen inadvertently removed a giant wooden plug, which had been installed 200 years previously to allow for maintenance.

The new oak door was being installed in Roc House, in Broadhempston.

Double-skinned, insulated, double-glazed with new pointing around the frame to match the existing lime mortar. It had to be oak, really, to match the panelling in the hallway.

As we say in Yorkshire, "Put't wood in't hole"

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