Sunday 15 November 2020

Now where was I?

I haven't done anything to this chest in a few years. I drawbored the front together last time I was working on it , but the rest was in bits. So today was a bit like I had been and bought a 17th century riven joined chest Airfix kit, and all I had to do was assemble it. 


An airfix kit which I had made earlier!

The stile grooves were already ploughed. I marked on the rails and muntins with chalk, so I knew which side I was grooving when dis-assembled. It's fairly obvious because the back side of this furniture is not dressed as well as the front, but after a 3 year hiatus, I don't really want to start back at the beginning

Then secured the framing members against the planing stop, using the bench screw and holdfasts for extra stability. My plough plane had the right iron and was set right; this was the last task it did, so that's no surprise. Neither was the accumulation of dust on it!

I had to sort through this pile to find the panels. There are most of the pieces for this chest, and the beginnings of a smaller one.

Then I dressed the front and chamfered the back down to fairly thin, to fit into the groove in the frame.

First panel in the back.

The thrill of hand conversion of oak is still there. Taking it from the woods. Riving it. Axing and planing. Carving. Pegging it together. My happy place.

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