Saturday 3 September 2022

Passing it on

Bethany turned 13 on Thursday. She is handy with an axe; but she's never used a side axe before. Here she is knocking up a board ahead of me showing her some basic relief carving patterns.

She gets to try out her new Flexcut chisels.

Like me, she's always making stuff, but sometimes you have to stop to eat....

 ...and have other kinds of fun.


  1. Fantastic. My daughter turns 11 in a few weeks. She woodworks a bit. More than I did at her age. Recently, she needed to make some boats for a school project. I haven't helped because she wants to do it by herself. They are coming along nicely. I think I have found a local inexpensive green wood spoon carving class we can take together. For her birthday, she's getting a spoon carving kit (sloyd knife, curved knive, etc). To date, she has been whittling with a box cutter and I think she will like it. Shhhh.

  2. Ok, I won't tell her! Hope you both enjoy the spoon carving.


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