Sunday 26 February 2023


I have been diving deep on the influences on carved furniture and architecture during the Tudor and Jacobean periods in England recently. Renaissance architecture in Italy (a revival of Greek building styles), it's spread to Northern Europe and development into Mannerism. A massive industry of architectural and design prints in Holland, Germany and France, which were brought to England and used by artisans here to create buildings and furniture, tombs and tapestries. Those designs, bastardised from Greek architecture, and then further bastardised by rural woodcarvers, probably quite ignorant of the original source. So from high end copies and adaptations, to the most basic country furniture, we have today items whose designs started life far, far away at the other side of Europe.

In St. Mary's, Totnes we have carvings at the higher end of the scale. Angels and lions on Ionic capitals on pilasters.

I have further adapted the designs, using panel designs round a pillar. Capital.

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