Tuesday 20 June 2023

A round tuit

I've always wanted to make a round tuit, but maybe I never will. I think this bowl probably thought it had been forgotten, gathering dust and cobwebs in the corner. Looks like I did finally get round to it......over 6 years later. 

There's a general rule; don't include the heart of the tree in your bowls. If you do, be prepared for them splitting every which way as they dry, as the forces inside play out. All that time ago, I was playing with that rule, by deliberately including heart in several bowls. After roughing out, I was boiling the bowls to combat that splitting, with varying degrees of success. One thing I do know; I wish I had given this bowl some final surface treatment before I had abandoned it to the spiders; it's iron hard now. It's a good job my gouges are sharp.

A previous solution for cracks with bronze.

Some convex texture. Rough AND smooth. Yum yum.


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