Tuesday 15 October 2013

Building bridges

I have been completing a few projects in the past week.

A bridge across a nature reserve river.

And a larch-framed and clad sun room.

So, back in the workshop last Thursday, and very happy to be so. Temperatures dropped about the same time and it very much felt like October. First lighting of the woodburner! Leaves falling onto the roof.

I had planned to make a 4 foot wide chest this time. Meanwhile, I had come across this Dennis/Searle chest in a private collection not far from where I live. The owners were more than happy for me to study it. A lot of  the dimensions are the same as the timber I have already prepared; it seems fated. The chest is constructed from sawn timber but I will be using riven oak. With the sound of geese heading south overhead I can get stuck into the stock I prepared six weeks ago.

Here's the first two panels.

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