Monday, 14 July 2014

New wedge stop

Up until now I have been securing stock for planing using a toothed bench stop and holdfasts. The rails on this settle are over 7' long. I roughed them out a while ago and now the surfaces have dried a little, I need to clean them up. I have been watching these fellows' research into Dutch and Scandinavian workbenches at Hovelbenk and the side wedged stop looks right for my bench.

And I had best make some holes in the legs for my new holdfasts. With them and the wedge stop, this rail is held firm for shooting its edge.

I picked up this interesting tool at a sale yesterday.

I must admit to not knowing what it was at the time, but now I do.

Does anyone else know?

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  1. .

    It appears to me to be a sash-bar router; from the shape of the handles, probably made by Edward Preston.

    It was intended to cut both left and right profiles on curved or circular window parts that cannot be reached with a conventional flat sash plane.

    All best from Wales


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