Saturday 12 July 2014

Ten little muntins hanging on the wall

Ten little muntins hanging on the wall, ten little muntins hanging on the wall....

And if one little muntin should accidentally fall,....

We'll not recount the language, cos Jon was wearing sandals.

Hadn't really appreciated why this saw clamp was painted white until I came to set my tenon saw.

But now its obvious, its easier to see with small teeth.

I went to see a job in Ashburton the other day and caught site of this chest in an antique shop window.

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  1. I have never been able to find a pair of safety boots to fit my feet, so I have learnt to move my feet pretty damn quickly. When it has happened I can be found limping around the outside of my workshop with language that is very anglo saxon. It has been proven that swearing does lesson the pain. Excellent tip on a white saw vice, I will have to try this out. Ashburton is blessed with having lots of antique shops and there have been a glut of these type of chests in them for a year now, some are old and beautiful and some are not so good and with not very good repairs either. A good price too, most of them, shame I do not have any room at home.


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