Friday 28 November 2014

Crux Craft Fair

I have broken my Craft Fair virginity. Wahey!

Here's the set up for the first evening of the weekend.

Wall plaques, boxes, coat racks, chopping boards, door stops, holly spatulas, holly bookmarks etc. all inside a large settle (minus seat boards).

When making a whopping piece of furniture, its probably a good idea to measure your transportation device to make sure it fits. As usual my cavalier side, threw caution to the wind (an attribute I find often gets me through making joined furniture successfully, you kind of just have to go for it!). This time providence shone through, one more half inch on either dimension and.....


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  2. At least you didn't try to fit it in the back of a Land Rover, which has properties the reverse of a Tardis! Great work Jon, really fine display, hope the sales were all you wished for. Your boxes are looking good, I must get started, or go for it - as you would say. I'll bear in mind the nails request - but I need some time to perfect the technique, the first one looked a bit too much like some rather sad early modern versions.


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