Thursday 13 November 2014

Draw bore and getting ready to go to Totnes Market

I don't know why I didn't put this photo in the last post. But here it is. A shot of me drawboring the new lid for the mini-chest.

Off to do a stall on Totnes Market tomorrow, so I thought I better give things a shine. I gave the chests a coat of beeswax polish.

Then put them in front of the woodburner to warm up before polishing.

They got a bit too hot and it had the effect of melting the polish and making it sink right into the oak, darkening in the process. I like how it looks.

I will be taking this new stand alone panel.

But I shall not be standing alone, as I will be sharing the stall with the lovely chainsaw-carving Hannah. Not that she carves chainsaws you understand. Here's one of her chairs.

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  1. I agree the melted wax does look good, maybe even 'aged'. Hope it went well for you.


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