Tuesday 31 March 2015

Getting on with it

I've been out in the oak woods, doing some thinning and processing of the timber, with the chainsaw mill.

Early spring sunshine, tagteam between me with the chainsaw and the woodpeckers, who are the real foresters round here!

I have had help from Arthur, my son, for a few days. We haven't really worked together for the past two years because he has been off cheffing.

I am doing the work in return for half the timber. The trees are not really big enough for riving, so most will be flatsawn with the mill. I am laying it all up for future projects.

I have also been making this bed from European oak for Stephen.

I was also seconded for the very important job of preparing the potato bed at the allotment.

 I can already taste them!


  1. Mmmm must get our chitting spuds planted soon. But we're just a bit further North than you are Jon. Is it an Alaskan saw mill - looks a bit longer than mine?

  2. Yeah Alaskan. It will take a 56" bar, allowing just over 48" cut. Its got an extra strengthening crossmember, so can shrink easily to take my 36" bar for the more common smaller trees. I've had it for six months, but only just really started to play with it.

  3. Working in a forest in the spring time sure beats sitting on a boat in the North sea.

    I like your timber cart, is it from an old saw mill?

    There is a car battery in the back ground, I can't quite figure out if it is used in connection with the saw mill attachment?


  4. Hey Jonas.

    Yeah its a special place. I am a lucky man! How long are you on board for?

    My cart is really useful. It used to be much longer, I guess for work in a sawmill or timber yard. We used to use it for carrying yurt parts around when I worked making yurts several years ago. When I left, my boss gave it to me. I have been thinking about making it longer again.

    The battery is for an electric sharpener for the chainsaw chain. It increases the efficiency of the chain to have all the teeth at the exact same angle. I'm not really sure if it decreases sharpening time though; like all machines it takes time to set up!


    1. Hi Jon.

      Thanks for the explanation on the battery. I was really puzzled by it.
      I am on board for 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks off. I am scheduled to sign of in one week :-)

      I can relate to the sharpening issue, My results from the saw mill almost instantly improved after I got hold of an old automatic sharpening machine.

      Happy Easter


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