Friday, 24 April 2015

Don't change the name of your blog unless you want nobody to see it!

I have been working on the settle I started over a year ago recently. It is taking a long time to make, but then it is a huge piece of furniture. I had a piece of oak roughed out for the last seat board in the autumn, but I have been busy doing other things.

On with planing to size.

Unlike it's sister settle that I started making at the same time, this one is designed for inside. I have decided to tongue and groove the seat boards, as they do not need to shed rainfall. I bought this tongueing plane a while ago, not having used one before, so thought I would give it a go.

The side of the iron furthest from the wedge did not appear to be sitting flat, and I was concerned it would not present a cutting edge to the oak. My worries were unfounded, because it cut like a dream.

I was then left with a second 'tongue' because my seat boards are 1 5/8" wide. I used my jointer at an angle, with the tongue as a guide, and brought it flat to the shoulder as I removed the oak.

I might finish it one day soon. Then off to take it on it's progress to the Bodgers' Ball in May. The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum Wood Fair 20-21 June and Blackdown Wood Fair 3-4 July.


  1. Is a settle the type of long bench that you showed in one of your earlier posts?
    By the way, the small cart in the first picture looks nice. Did you make it, or is it on your work bench for repair?

  2. Hi Jonas
    Yes a settle is another word for a bench. The cart was actually made by my wife, for our daughter, on the bench for repair.


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