Sunday 11 October 2015

Ancient anaglypta and fallen heroes

I have been involved in some varied stuff lately, no surprise there! We had to rip out the old sink unit and make a new carcass, to house this new butler sink and oak worktop and drainer.

Lurking behind the old unit was some ancient anaglypta.

Then Adrian called me and asked if I could help with a fallen beech art project. Happy to oblige. Basically, taking slices through the tree while he took photos of the changing grain.

All was calm until 2pm and then the wind got up. This beech tree had heroically stood in it's hillside copse through many seasons. I remember about 8 years ago, driving down this lane, one of it's companions had fallen. Now only one remains. The wind was whipping up the sawdust into whirling dervishes; I'm not surprised the tree had given up the ghost last winter.

One of the slices bore a resemblance to the USA.

So we thought we'd carve it up for ourselves.

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  1. Hey John!

    I thought we used to have that very anaglypta in the living room when I was a lad. But I'm mistaken, it was some kind of mock linenfold, very durable and almost impervious to the damp it kept at bay. My father used to do a hand-done version with sloppy plaster and a brush, very good for disguising dodgy old plaster.


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