Saturday, 15 January 2022


The livery cup-board's upper level has a cupboard with canted sides, made up of framing, a door and two panels. The door and panels have the same design, the panels being a bit bigger than the door, to allow for them being held in grooves in the frame.

All three have a raised section in the form of a lion, so in selecting stock for this, I am looking for a piece of oak that can accomodate this.

For the benefit of anyone reading this blog for the first time, I convert logs by splitting them in half, and then half again, and so on, leaving 'pieces of cake', from which I then extract the required 2x4, 2x1, or whatever.

This 'piece of cake' was riven some years ago. It is ideal for my needs, having a bump on the side.

I might get the door and one panel from it.

After isolating the raised area with a saw, I removed the waste with the side axe. I found a framing chisel quite useful for flattening the door around the central block.

After working out the actual shape of the lion's head, back to the saw, and then in with gouges.

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  1. Pretty cool use of the wood and vision to see it in your head. Looking forward to progress on this piece.


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