Tuesday 4 January 2022

Meander ahead!

I thought I was about to get stuck into making a riven chest, and then I got the go-ahead for several listed building jobs. Windows and doors, architectural joinery restoration. So last year was mostly taken up with those. 

Continuuing work on this Dartmoor house, the original parts of, being 15th century. Some new windows, sliding sash restoration, a new porch, new barge boards etc.

Some double stable doors and windows to replace the modern units on this 14th century farmhouse in Broadhempston.

One exception was this group of bookshelves from the Huxham's Cross oak I milled and laid up a few years back. So modern production, 17th century carving.

Some fun with cement board, creating this mock medieval fireplace for Ian's woodburner. It's always been there, honest governor!
And so to the close of the year, and finally back to the mainstream, a new log and some riven oak furniture to be made. Not a chest, but a livery cupboard. For cupboard, read cup-board. i.e. a 16th/17th piece of furniture for displaying your silver cups and plate on and maybe to store your other tableware.

Here is a sneak preview of the top rail. S-scrolls in overdrive.

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  1. Happy New Year

    Glad to see that you have gotten so many cool jobs in the last year.

    That Dartmoor house looks really good. It looks as if someone has taken good care of it in the last 600 years.



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