Saturday 16 January 2021

Here's one I made chest back, one side axe, one stile...oh hang on that's more than one...

 I was sorting stuff out down at the main workshop, and came upon this chest back I made earlier.

That smoothing plane has been hanging around a while in a drawer,since I bought it at a boot sale, waiting to be re-conned. The seen side of the chest back is a bit rough, but half an hour with the new smoother and scraper plane has it looking more cheerful.

The back of the back is as rough as a badger's breakfast, but that's ok.

I bought this side axe a few years ago now. The handle was straight, not off-set (which is best for a side-axe) and there was no room for fingers in between the handle and beard. I made a new handle from ash, but never got round to fitting it. Today was the day for things I had made (or bought) earlier, so on with the new handle.

That inch and a half chisel was another boot sale acquisition; 50p. I assumed it must have belonged to a plumber; in place of a ferrule was a length of copper pipe, and it was badly beaten up. I had to grind it back flat 1/2", before I could grind a new bevel. Inside that ugly appearance was a lovely old Sorby chisel. I'll keep the copper handle until it gives up the ghost and then replace it.


I can fit my fingers in between the beard and handle now, for finer control and the offset will stop me rapping my knuckles against the timber being hewn.

Just a point. I will smooth the handle more, once I have used it a few times. It's not good to leave handles rough like this, unless you want blisters.

It will be good to have the option of a different side axe for hewing. The Stubai is good for stiles and rails, but a longer blade is better for panels.

This blog is given in the spirit of sharing. Please feel free to comment. I would rather it was a two way thing. Happy hewing!

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