Monday 4 January 2021


So, on with the chest. Pegs made.

 Pegholes drilled through mortices.

And tenons.

This is the backside of the back of the chest. It looks rough, but this is how they were made; only surfaces on show were finished; non-visible surfaces left scrub-planed or even sideaxed; most of these chests werde made to back against a wall. 

Back assembled and drawbored.


 Now the main carcass of the chest is joined, time to fit the floorboards.

 Nailed up to the back centre rail.

Boards trimmed. Back board fitted and nailed to bottom rail. Turned right way up.

Fitting the floorboards gives extra strength and rigidity to the chest. Boards from inside.

The stiles were left long during the making; it prevents breaking out when chopping the mortices at the top of the stiles. So now it's time to trim those of, in preparation for making and fitting the chest lid.

I was re-visiting the photos I took of this beauty the other day.

The framing members can't be much more then 3/4" thick. My version of this iconic chest has a frame  1 1/2" thick.

This new chest has a frame not much thinner than that, but the lid is going to be 13/16".



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