Friday 22 July 2022

Oak window

 Just fitted this oak window for Joachim. 

Natural oak on the inside. White on the outside.

Gaps packed with lime mortar-soaked oakum. Outside.

And inside.

And topped off with lime mortar (NHL 3.5/sand). This is the best method for sealing between the window frame and masonry, and the window frame and oak lintel. It creates a weatherseal, while allowing the window frame to breathe.

The mortar is covered with wet hessian to slow down the curing.


  1. That's a beautiful window. Is the oakum on the outside sealed or painted eventually? I live in a wood frame house but do have basement windows in masonry that need replacement.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Steve. The oakum is covered with lime mortar. Once cured there is no need to paint it. That will only make it less breathable. If you wanted to paint it, you could use some limewash with a colour in it.


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