Monday, 30 June 2014

Hold on tight

I have been getting by with a makeshift holdfast and bench hook for some time now. Sometimes its good though to have things especially made. Justin Fletcher has made me these fine holdfasts and bench hook, which will be getting immediately pressed into service on my bench tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in spoonworld.

The viking longships invaded from the north.

But it was not genocide. The longships bred with the local spoon population. and soon both tribes lived as one.

In peace..... and impracticality!


  1. Low profile fast holds eh? I fancy trying one of those high domed curly ones, may make one one day, when I've nothing top do ...

    I like the ship/spoon concept, careful that spooning doesn't become an addiction though. Many have fallen prey. I'm now managing my habit - down to less than one a week.

  2. Interesting finish to the spoonbowl, reminds me of scales, I bet a dragon would look good finished like that. Is it gouge work?

  3. My bent pipe fast made me realise I needed one that didn't stick up so much(when I crashed into it, with a careless hand). Yes, it was gouge work. Addictive in itself. The wife drew the line at giving our piano a tooled finish.


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