Monday 9 June 2014

Scraper convert

With all the main construction done its time to clean up all the parts before I join her.

I've not been too concerned with getting a perfect finish on my joined furniture so far. My feeling is, its the imperfections that give it character. However, bearing in mind this settle is going outside, too many imperfections might catch too much rainwater. Not good. So some scraping action is going to have to happen. While I am waiting for my new scarper, sorry, scraper plane to arrive ( I like the idea of a scarper plane) I'll just have to make do with some chunks of modern panel saw.

And when I've realised that pushing is better than pulling....its the same revelatory feeling as when I first used a scrub plane.

Maybe I am a closet cabinetmaker after all! Or is that a cabinet closetmaker?

And here's a mushroom.

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