Tuesday 17 June 2014

Reluctant fledglings

My new scraper plane arrived. I tried it first with a straight cutting edge, which wasn't very succesful! Then I gave the edge a crown and it was marvellous.

Perfect for scraping the shallow curves of the settle arms. Where it wouldn't go, I resorted to a spokeshave.

With the fine weather, I decided to do a bit of homework and shave the pegs by my fishpond at home.

Accidentally producing lots of s-scrolls in the process!

In with the pegs.

And on with the first application of custard.

And its nearly time for you, my young fledgling, to go to your forever home.

But what's this, this settle doesn't want to leave. Its trying to climb back onto the nest.

But go you shall, young settle, for I have more settles to hatch.

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