Saturday 25 October 2014

Many different hats.

We wear many different hats in this job.

Sometimes, its the hat of tranquility, fitting a stained glass window into a herb garden cabin. The only sounds; bees buzzing and birds singing.

Sometimes, its the hat of the kitchen fitter, making carcasses, cupboard doors and drawers. Transforming a grubby small space...

into a sleek, small space (with better storage).

Sometimes, we wear the hat of the bookcase maker. (That man has no hat!)

Sometimes, its the hat of ye olde fashioned joyner, passing on his planing skills to the younger generation. (That man's not wearing a hat either!)

And other days we have a need to swap the peace and quiet of our hand tool workshop, don our chainsaw hats, pick up the  most powerful chainsaw in the world and make some serious noise.

You must not winch humans towards this saw!

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