Thursday 16 October 2014

Twelve Chevrons and Apple Day

The previous occupants of my workshop had kindly installed a woodburner. Unfortunately, it was a little worse for wear, so I replaced it in time for last winter. However, the chimney went out the side of the building and didn't make the roof line, meaning it didn't draw properly. So, with the leaves dropping plentifully around me I climbed up on the roof today armed with twin wall, strapping and lots of fire cement.

Just as I placed the witches hat on the top, it started to rain, and suddenly the sound of geese filled the air. I counted twelve chevrons, wheeling seemingly around my new chimney stack. Then they were off, heading south.

Meanwhile, down below in the light afforded by new skylights, I was able to see to do a little hewing.

Tomorrow, I will prepare for a demonstration at Cockington's Apple Day on Sunday. I have promised a carving for an exhibition afterwards. Mmmm, it might have to contain geese and apples.

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